"Social conscience of a documentarian and the eye of a German expressionist."

Arguably one of the greatest documentary photographers and cinematographers he was born in Vienna in 1912. His birth was in his parents’ apartment over his father’s bookshop and which also housed his Social Democratic publishers. Wolfgangs curious and observational nature was developed here, watching and analysing the Authors who came to meet for lunch with his father or the variety of customers of the shop who would stay and talk and spark the young boys interests and engage his desire to understand the lives of others.

He studied photography at Viennas Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt and later as Europe was engilfed by the developing Facism Sushitsky left Austria for England where he settled and began his career as a photographer and filmmaker. He produced social observational photographic work for the picture post, wildlife studies for National Geographic and got his first work as a cameraman for the great Paul Rotha. Though primarily a documentary film maker who’s talents were used in a variety of genres from Hammer Horror films to the 1958 David Hickock directed production of “Entertaining Mr Sloane” and Joseph Stricks 1967 adaptation of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” starring the great Milo O’Shea.

The zenith of his cinematic oeuvre though came with his work on Mike Hodges “Get Carter” of 1971 starring Michael Caine. This film used Wolfgangs documentary style to perfectly envision the grittiness of the storytelling, to bring believably to life the harshness of Britain at the time, the criminality and life of a broken people in the North of England undergoing hardship and social abuse.

His influence on modern cinematography cannot be underestimated, he introduced a documentary style editing to feature film production, and both Tarantino and Guy Ritchie sight him as a great influence.

His photographs were beautifully observational, capturing moments in time, moments that would tell a story illustrating thoughts, emotions and feelings, and allowing the viewers imagination to build upon what the saw. An example of his most famous photograph, will be offered at Lots Road Auctions on Sunday 5th March 2023. This photograph shows all of Suschitskys talents, to give as a engaging, thought provoking, sophisticated work of art.

Lot 69 WOLFGANG SUSCHITZKY (1912-2016) (Austria), 'Lyons Corner House, Tottenham Court Road, 1941', silver gelatin print 30cm x 45cm, signed verso.

See image to the left.

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