Last week; at lot 3 in our fine sale we had a Vitra aluminium group chair and stool for sale. One of the iconic designs of the 20th Century, the aluminium group of designs has always had an enduring appeal with our clients at Lots Road.

It was originally conceived as an outdoor seating idea. In the early 1950’s Eero Saarinen and Alexander Girard were designing and building a home for the famous industrialist J. Irwin Miller. They needed help with seating which would be suitable for use outdoors. So they turned to the design power couple Charles and Ray Eames. What they came up with was not only a departure in approaching the chair as a shell construction but also a great technical achievement. The original design had a mesh stretched across the aluminium frame. A concept clearly developed from looking at such outdoor seating as hammocks; they give us a design with the function of a chair but the comfort of a hammock. As time went on this design was interpreted into the Aluminium group collection of chair designs we are familiar with today; finding its way into not only the garden but the office and the living room in various forms and finishes.

Our lot for sale is the indoor lounge chair version with the associated stool to match; a masterpiece in comfort and design that would be perfect as a statement in any interior.

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