Upcoming Fine Sale Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plate

Here at Lots Road Auctions, we have a very special lot going into our next Fine Sale auction on the 2nd of August. A rare Pablo Picasso ceramic plate depicting an owl in Pablo Picasso's distinctive/unique style;

Lot 398

Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plate

C. 1955, Hibou Mat, limited edition of 450, glazed underside inscribed 'Edition Picasso' and 'Madoura', and impressed stamp marks, reference Ramie 284, approx 32cm x 39cm.

Estimate £4500 - £6500

In 1946, Pablo Picasso met with Madoura potters Georges Ramié and Suzanne Ramié who presented him with the chance to create his now-famous ceramics at the Galerie Madoura Pottery Studio in Vallauris. It was there that Picasso experimented with ceramics, creating original works of varied shapes, colours, and sizes that convey a range of beautiful subjects and designs. It was there he made three pieces which he left to dry and bake. He later returned to see how the pieces had turned out. He was delighted with the quality of the work and asked if he could make more. They agreed and an area of the workshop was arranged especially for him. Immediately, he began to work, inspired by his portfolio of sketches.

His imagery highlighted mythological and classical motifs and often included portraits, bullfighting, nature, and landscapes. Picasso ceramics were created between (1946-1948) with a few exceptions, creating unique ceramics, as well as set editions. Loved and admired around the world, Picasso's artworks are a symbol of creativity and ingenuity. Ranging from paintings, ceramics, glass, lithographs, linocuts and etchings, everything Picasso created from Cubism to Modern Art inspired and influenced every artist who worked alongside him and after him.

We hope you can join us for our next Fine Auction on the 2nd of August. Please visit our main page for further information on how to participate.


Ceramic Plate 1
Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plate 2
Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plate 3
Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plate 4
Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plate 5
Pablo Picasso Ceramic Plate 6
Pablo Picasso with his ceramics

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