Tribal Art/Furniture

On offer, we have an arrangement of Tribal art/furniture: (from left to right) you will find their respective lot numbers, descriptions and guide prices below. Each lot on display will be available in our next Fine Interiors auction on the 11th of April. For more Tribal items, visit our website > auctions > upcoming auctions > Fine Interiors 11th April 2021.

Lot 420
Benin Oba Bronze Throne Heads. A pair, 105cm H. (2)

Estimate £800 - £1200

Lot 419
Yoruba Beaded Throne Chair. Nigerian beads on palmwood, 95cm H x 75cm x 65cm. (some damage to beadwork)

Estimate £500 - £800

Lot 392
Benin Ife Bronze Heads. A pair, of large proportions, 65cm H. (2)

Estimate £1500 - £2200

Lot 417
Baoule Bonum Amuin Monkey Mask. From Ivory Coast, 'Gods of the bush', 130cm H.

Estimate £600 - £1000

Lot 418
Yoruba Beaded Throne Chair. Nigerian beads on palmwood, 45cm H x 75cm x 65cm.

Estimate £500 - £800

See you on the 11th!

- Joshua Wright

Lots 420, 419, 392, 417 and 418.

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