Steven Lindsay

Scottish artist Steven Lindsay is a contemporary painter and former front man of the pop-music band The Big Dish and a soloist, an experience that continues to inform his creative practice.

His artworks are usually created after coming up with a title, and the composition ensues along with the general idea related to the piece. Just like he would do with a song, Steven likes to choose a subject that represents a challenge to him, and develop it by following a rhythm that emerges along with the painting, as if by independent progress…and ends up going wherever that takes him. His favourite technique is chiaroscuro, which works in accordance with the idea of mark-making, leaving marks visible as a trace of this process.

Human beings are his privileged subjects, whom he treats as the objects of a psychological study; using the words of art critic Estelle Lovatt, his portraits are “like revisiting Vermeer in the Dutch Golden Age of painterly skill against the Colour Field of Rothko, all intertwined with an aesthetic twist of contemporary, complex-simplicity. Lindsay using his paintbrush eloquently, capturing painterly conversations between the art historical giants of a bygone age and a bygone art.”

5/9/2021 – Lot 185 - Steven Lindsay (Contemporary Scottish) 'Beach Scene - A Sense of Foreboding'. 2018, oil on canvas, signed, titled and dated on the stretcher, 40cm x 40cm.

- Daniela Guardiani

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