"I have felt my strongest artistic emotions when suddenly confronted with the sublime beauty of sculptures executed by anonymous artists of Africa." - Pablo Picasso

African art has often been described as abstract, dramatic and stylized. However, all of these formal characteristics have also been attributed to artworks of the Cubism movement. 

African artists often implemented wood, ivory, and metal to craft traditional masks, sculptures, and plaques. Instead of showing a figure from a single perspective, African carvers combined several features of the subject so that they could be simultaneously seen.

Picasso took influence from African art, producing a series of drawings, watercolours and sculptures in which he kept reducing facial features to simple geometric shapes in the style of Western and Central African aesthetics.

Almost weekly, we feature Picasso prints , African sculptures and masks. 

PABLO PICASSO, Study for Demoiselles D'Avignon, Pochoir and lithograph, Suite: 15 drawings, 1946 Albert Carmen, vintage French frame, 38cm x 30.5cm.

See image to the right.

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Designer Picks

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