Kurt Jackson

2020 has been a year dedicated to reflection for most of us. The safeguard of human life has been the most debated subject in every circle, and the way we lead our businesses has had to undergo through close scrutiny. These themes are linked almost inseparably to how us, as humankind, are to approach our relation with the environment that surrounds us, during a historical moment when climate change is impacting everyone and everything on the Planet.

During the last months, the art market has shown extreme resilience, in fact, it has emerged that art is more sought after even more than before, contrarily to initial fears of sales’ collapse. There must be a sensible reason as to why, when we are encircled by concerns, we decide to take refuge in art, and I believe this is because it provides the best mean of escape. Borrowing the verses of one of the most beloved English poets, “A thing of beauty, is a joy forever.”

Kurt Jackson is a contemporary British artist, whose work is primarily inspired by his commitment to the environmental cause. His paintings represent a celebration of the complexity and fragility of the natural world, therefore acquiring one of his creations is a choice in perfect harmony with the current circumstances, which at the same time can bring the aesthetic solace we are all so much in need of.

8/11/2020 - Lot 130 – Kurt Jackson (British b.1961) ‘Samson from St. Mary’s’. 2003, collage and mixed media on canvas, signed, titled and dated, also signed to verso on stretcher, provenance: Messum’s, 125x125cm, framed.

- Daniela Guardiani

Fine Interiors 8th November 2020

Kurt Jackson
Lot 130 (8/11/20)
Lot 130 (8/11/20) +
Lot 130 (8/11/20) ++

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