David Bromley

With an immediate visual reference to the most popular Pop icons created by Warhol and Lichtenstein, David Bromley's portraits of female nudes have an imposing characteristic, due both to their size and to the stylistic execution, which involves a layering of key colour and graphic brushwork against a gold or silver leaf, whereby the two are divided by bold black lines contouring the silhouette.

Belinda and Gillian, portrayed in these original paintings, are two of his favourite models, and they have been reproduced a multitude of print replicas.

Bromley, whose family is of English origins, grew up in Australia, where he cultivated his artistic career from his twenties and went on to become one of the country's most successful painters. He also creates works that relate to childhood imagery, however it is in the portraiture field that his art is more in demand. For four times he reached the finals of the Archibald Prize, and among his sitters, he can mention pop-star Kylie Minogue, actor Hugo Weaving, and director Scott Hicks.

7/2/2021 ─ Lot 129 ─ David Bromley (British b.1960) 'Belinda'. Acrylic and silver leaf on canvas, signed lower right, 115cm x 85cm, framed.

Estimate £1500 - £2000

7/2/2021 ─ Lot 130 ─ David Bromley (British b.1960) 'Gillian'. Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, signed lower right, 122cm x 151cm, framed.

Estimate £2500 - £3000

Lot 129 (7/2/21)
Lot 129 (7/2/21) +
Lot 130 (7/2/21)
Lot 130 (7/2/21) +

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