Alfredo Romero

Alfredo Romero is a Spanish artist, who considers the visual icons of the recent past, just as worthy of attention as an Old Master fresco.

The collection that he named "Vestigios de Nuestros Tiempos" (Remains of our Times) is created using the "strappo" technique, normally applied by restores to remove damaged paintings from walls, to preserve them by laying them on a canvas.

The subjects, however, are not Christian or Greek mythology scenes, but popular products brands, advertised in big lettering on Mexican façades. Through this process, and later adding paint and graffiti on the detached murals, he aims to bestow them with a new function, that is to invite the viewers to reflect on a past to which they can closely relate, hence consigning them to the realm of art.

The work Lots Road Auctions is offering in the 7th February Fine Sale is a Coca Cola sign, possibly the most recognisable logo in the World, the trademark that reinvented the imagery of Santa Claus, and that can be found even in the remotest corners of the Planet.

7/2/2021 ─ Lot 135 ─ Alfredo Romero (Contemporary Spanish) 'Coca Cola', strappo, gold leaf, and graffiti on cotton canvas, signed lower left and verso, inscribed throughout, 170cm x 110cm, mounted floating in a black frame.

Estimate £8000 - £10000

Lot 135 (7/2/21)
Lot 135 (7/2/21) +
Lot 135 (7/2/21) ++
Lot 135 (7/2/21) +++
Lot 135 (7/2/21) ++++
Lot 135 (7/2/21) +++++
Lot 135 (7/2/21) ++++++
Lot 135 (7/2/21) +++++++

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