Dennis Kennedy Smith (Contemporary British) 'La Chartre-sur-le-Loire in Spring'

This refreshingly colourful and vibrant oil painting sold in Monday’s sale, not surprisingly as we enter a sunnier springtime. Titled Titled 'La Chartre-sur-le-Loire in Spring' by British artist Dennis Kennedy Smith, the painting echoes the beautifully confident brushwork and bright colours of Fauvism with a strong sense of post-impressionist nostalgia. The tranquillity of the still natural scene is captured by the sanguine sunlight reflected onto the pond. New yet reminiscent of the past, this painting captures languorous and beautiful spring days perfectly.


As we transition into a sunnier springtime, yesterday's auction included some very colourful and fun pieces such as stylish garden furniture, lively springtime paintings and bold upholstery and rugs!  Please scroll through some highlights of yesterday's sale below.

Dennis Kennedy Smith (Contemporary British) 'La Chartre-sur-le-Loire in Spring'

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