James Bond

If you hadn’t noticed there’s a new James Bond movie drawing in a massive post lockdown audience hungry for glamour, exoticism and escapism.
The Bond movie as an entity has had arguably more influence on design and fashion than any other entertainment genre.

The tailors of Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Daniel Craig have without doubt inspired men who want to be James Bond to dress like James Bond, which is the most sociable and healthy way to be like Bond by avoiding the assassination and excess drinking.

The production designers Ken Adam, Syd Cain and Peter Lamont with their lavish sets and interiors have had an indisputable influence on the modern home, let’s not forget Blofeld in a classic G Plan chair.  There’s not a modern apartment or open plan residence that doesn’t owe the Bond movies a little credit for its design.

The world of Bond is illustrated up on the big screen for us in all its glamour and beauty enticing us to "live and let die" the Bond life style.
So this week we draw your attention to a few things with a little of that Bond finesse.

- Nick Carter

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Designer Picks

Posted 9 May 2024

By James in General






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