Adolfo Mexiac

The years 2021-2022 has seen the international art market soar to new heights, with growth levels of 29% across the whole market place and a whopping 42% increase in sales of post war and contemporary art which has also seen the record prices for individual artists topple as the overt investment potential fuels the desire to buy.

This market optimism combined with worldwide access to artists and their work has broadened the interest of collectors, with buyers looking to previously ignored contemporary cultures for inspiration in enlarging or starting collections.

The contemporary artists of both Africa and South America are becoming particularly of note.

One such artist of particular interest is Adolfo Mexiac (Mexico 1927-2019) who is regarded as one of the most important of 20th Century Mexican artists. Mexiac began his career studying under and assisting the great American/ Mexican artist Pablo O’Higgins (1904-1983) and attending the Escuela Des Artes del Libro in the Colonia Roma district of Mexico City. He was from his youth until his death influenced by political and social causes and his works from the beginning developed to promote leftist politics, anti-imperialism, workers’ rights and ultimately freedom of expression.

His work with large scale murals gained the most applause with his masterwork “El Hombre y la Mujer en Armonia con su Universo” at the University of Colima completed in 2002. His reputation and influence led him to have over 80 individual exhibitions worldwide through his lifetime. He was made a member of The Salon of Mexican Fine Art and in 1964 he was awarded the Casa de las Americas prize from Cuba. A fitting homage to his life, influence and talent was to come in 2011 when he was the subject of Othon Salazars film “Libertad de Expression de Adolfo Mexiac”.

ADOLFO MEXIAC (1927-2019, Mexico) 'Encrucijada', oil on canvas, 100cm x 80cm, signed framed.

(See image to the left).

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