Highlights from our 7th of November Fine Sale

Yesterday's Fine Sale had a full audience of buyers and spectators that echoed the vibrant atmosphere of pre-lockdown... We sold a large number of lots and many of our buyers purchased some bargain artworks and furniture, however we also saw some items surpassing our expectations and exceeding their estimates. Such lots included a painting by Gabriel White (Lot 351) which sold for £1400, a pair of crystal table lamps (Lot 169) which sold for £2200, a Plycraft Pretzel Chair (Lot 20) which sold for £850 and two Picasso lithographs that were part of the same series and are very attractive lots to own together (Lots 56 and 57) which sold for £1400 and £1100, respectively.

Below are a compilation of best-selling lots from yesterday's sale to scroll through.


(Left: Lot 351 - Gabriel White)

Highlights from our 7th of November Fine Sale

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