Still Life Saskia, Oil on Canvas
Anthony Daley, 1991, Oil on Canvas
'Abstracts' 2011, Oil on Canvas
'Abstracts' 2011, Oil on Canvas
Wanabe, 1992, Oil on Canvas - Chris Ofili, pupil of Daley

British Abstract Expressionist: Anthony Daley


The activity of painting itself never ceases to amaze me with what can be achieved by ones application of creativity and colour…


Daley’s words are evident in his paintings and in particular, his painting currently being offered in our next Fine Sale on the 7th November titled, Still Life Saskia. The painting is intense and bold using deep, rich tones and there is a distinct flamboyance in its subject matter and raw imagery.

Anthony 'Tony' Daley (b. 1960) started his career in the 1990s, leaving his home country of Jamaica and arriving in Britain in 1972. After graduating with a Master’s degree from the Chelsea College of Art in the 1980s, he later became the first ‘Artist of the Day' to be featured in the Financial Times, which later awarded artists such as Tracey Emin. Daley gained degrees from both Wimbledon and the Chelsea College of Art. An understated yet innovative British Abstract Expressionist, Daley gained global recognition through his captivating use of colour, imaginative scenery and raw abstraction, as seen in Still Life Saskia.

Daley’s attitude towards art was that there should be freedom of expression and a lack of boundaries. Ironically, despite his early career as a teacher, Daley claimed that painting cannot be taught, a philosophy that may have been one of the contributing reasons for his pupil, Chris Ofili’s success. (Click here for a link to Chris Ofili). Daley’s Jamaican heritage has always played into his work in the form of the Jamaican landscape, which according to Daley, had a certain magical beauty that he strived to chase through his paintings.

Daley has exhibited in major exhibitions and galleries in London, New York, Los Angeles and Switzerland among other locations globally. His work has been displayed at prestigious clubs, galleries and exhibitions including the Angela Flowers Gallery in London, the Tate Collection, the National Portrait Gallery, the NHS Trust and the Tiesenhausen Collection Club.


Anthony Daley is currently being exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts. (Link)


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