David Sawyer

With the lift of all lockdown restrictions still seeming like a mirage, why not find some solace in this sun-drenched hill-side vista of the medieval town of St. Paul de Vence..?

An artsy hub for decades, this small town by the French Riviera hosts within its walls more galleries than most countries. Famously, it is home to the Maeght Foundation, a museum project on which artists of the calibre of Bracque, Mirò and Giacometti participated towards the gardens landscaping and creation.

Many celebrities and artists have sojourned there, mainly staying at the culinary institution Colombe d’Or, a hotel that started out as a modest inn with the motto “Welcome here on foot, on horseback or on canvas!”, which received guests such as Matisse, Léger, Picasso, Calder, Bracque and Chagall, some of whom even contributing to decorate the place.

The painter of this oil on board is the Royal British Artist David Sawyer, whom - not immune to the fascination of Vence - has a large studio in the area. Defining himself as a modern Impressionist, he is very much a “painter of the light”, and his painterly abilities find their best expression when rendering the warm atmosphere of the Mediterranean sun, and the highlights and contrasts it creates on the local buildings.

7/3/2021 ─ Lot 360 ─ David Sawyer RBA (British b.1961) ‘Le Remparts – St Paul de Vence’, oil on board, initialled lower right, with Thompson’s gallery label verso, 15cm x 20cm, framed and glazed.

Estimate £300 - £500
- Daniela Guardiani
Fine Interiors 7/3/21
Lot 360 (7/3/21)

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