6th December 2014

Bag's, Baubel's & Bowie

Thanks to everyone who joined us on Thursday evening for our select Chritmas bash, we all had a little fun, some more than others & you know who I'm talking about.

So just a short remin...

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18th November 2014

Pheewwer....and better !

Blow me it's busy. Even though we've made a conscious effort to reduce the numbers of lots and up the quality which seems to be working for us we are having a crazy time and  are seeing some f...

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13th September 2014

The Auction House is back !

Lights, Camera, Action, filming for "The Auction House 2" has begun. We've been joined by Annouska, James, Jimmy, Imogen, Lyndsey and Sam, they're the crew and they're all gorgeous and lovely and t...

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13th September 2014

The Auction House is back !

Lights, Camera, Action, filming for "The Auction House 2" has begun. We've been joined by Annouska, James, Jimmy, Imogen, Lyndsey and Sam, they're the crew and they're all gorgeous and lovely and t...

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29th August 2014

Cooling off, falling leaves, Abominable Snowman, Arthur Nielsen and a offer you shouldn't refuse

Friday 29th August

Good morning my gorgeousnesses. August is almost at an end, and the current weather is heralding the Autumn with a bit of a blow and a reminder to go out and buy a new...

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24th June 2014

A Night in Front of the TV

We hope you managed to take the time to watch Lots Road the movie last week,and catch the Gavel Meister on Sunday Brunch with Tim and Simon, lovely guys, the Halloumi and figs was faberooni and a W...

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15th May 2014

Summer is here!

It’s time to shed the psychological comfort of the library room and dive into the metaphorical swimming pool of another season’s interiors. Lighten the shades, pull down the modernist K...

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6th January 2014

Happy 2014 from us all

How was it then ? 

You Know ?

No “Cheeky” not that , your holiday of course.


Yes your favourite Agent Purveyors of the beautiful and intrigui...

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21st November 2013

Christmas comes earlier every year , with Channel 4 and a little of the exuberance of youth

Blog 21st November 2013




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1st November 2013

Autumn is here, get on your boots and get some wool beneath your feet

Well…..Octobers contemporary art week is now a distant blur of parties, the storms have arrived & with the weather getting a little “ucky” and it’s th...

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24th October 2013

Channel Four back for more!

Drum roll please, we have an announcement....

You may be aware that Channel 4 and Dragonfly TV were filming with us earlier this year and...

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26th September 2013

First Fine sale of the season

Thursday 26th September 2013

So as predicted we had a marvellous response to our first fine auction of the season, the room was full of eager buyers. There were many yacht bo...

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18th September 2013

For all things authentic, alternative, eclectic and magnificent

So now, it's been a couple of months since our last fine auction and the first of the new season is upon us, this Sunday the 22nd Sept.

All of the art and paintings we have to offer are on...

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23rd August 2013

Live bidding, Mega Yachts, International Auctioneering Superstar & Talented Young Artists

With surprisingly little stress and discomfort we're just about ready to enter the 21st century of auction bidding.
This Sunday sees our first sale with the provision of live onli...

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16th August 2013

Is summer over yet?

Not quite. That's the meagre English "quite" not the superlative American "quite".
So whilst it's a little quieter than the rest of the year (opportunity for bargains) we've been keeping busy...

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26th July 2013

Minimalism, Jobs for ex Prime Ministers, the old and new, and consumer testing

Do you remember embracing Minimalism? You know, that period from the late 1990s to the mid 2000s when the mahogany and the silver was left on the pavemen...

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19th July 2013

Hot summer nights, South American boys in over the top pants, and weekends off

Well......I hope you enjoyed last weeks auction it was our highest July total since, quite possibly, Prince William I was on the Albanian throne. So please do not think it is not worth consigning a...

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6th July 2013

Wimbledon 2013 and the Problems of Juggling Sunday Sales with Sporting Events

Problems, problems,problems

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28th June 2013

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Blood, Sweat and Tears

That well known quotation from Winston Churchill (and name of one of the best rock bands of the late sixties and early seventies)...

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20th June 2013

More TV, art & more art, Moorish things, African stuff, Asiatic stuff and an old bag

Thank you to everyone who came along to last Sundays auction, you made such a difference to the filming by Channel 4, we really appreciate your visiting us.
Good news is, contrary to rumour, t...

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14th June 2013

Apologies, beautiful media people, gorgeous lots + copulating polar bears

Sorry not to have written in so long, there doesn't seem to have been the time and sometimes it does not seem to have been appropriate.

Anyway things have settled and the blog is back.


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18th January 2013

Happy New Year and Let it Snow , Let it Snow , Let it Snow


Apologies for not writing sooner. January is historically a quiet time for the salerooms but everyone’s favoured auction room has returned from the Christmas holidays at full t...

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14th December 2012

Lots Roads Christmas Grotto and Mr Carter suggests

Christmas is upon us & it's almost the year's end. We've had the staff  party, but we're still here ready, willing and able to please with one more sale to go on Sunday the 16th December.<...

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17th November 2012

Poetry and Vasarely

Seriously interesting stuff if you are not a small ferret. Very grown up book for anyone who cares about beautiful things, who understands that there is poetry beyond the urinal walls and that Henr...

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8th November 2012

Wetter parts of the Sceptred Isle, Quality Furniture, Kent cottages and Saturday nights entertainment

I'm out  a valuation in the wilder parts of North Wales tomorrow morning so I thought I'd blog now and give you something to read on the I-pad over your kedgeree in the Wolesley, please...

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3rd November 2012

Morning after the fireworks night before & good news all round

If you’re feeling bleary eyed this morning, whether the cause be too much mulled wine at last night’s fireworks, the hounds’ incessant barking at fireworks, or perhaps you avoided...

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3rd November 2012

Nude Russians, Tutus and Suitcases

The Russians are back with a plethora of less than clad nubiles and ballet dancers, neither frankly ill conceived obsessions. The precocious Sergey is back, a man who rarely bothers to popula...

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27th October 2012

Tables, Tables and Fire Dogs

Pablo, Messrs Miro and Chagall and old Matisse all have pleasant daubs and scribbles hanging around the house this week, along with a fascinating array of tables. They are the oldest form of...

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26th October 2012

Busy weeks,Fine Sales past and Future and why not take a look this week

Now I'm not the sort of person who likes to stay in bed - I'm always
afraid I'll be missing something. Not this morning though. It's 10.10am on
Friday morning, and I've just risen from th...

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20th October 2012

James Bond, Indian Trunks and Barnacles

With the sky falling on Mr Craig’s head shortly, it is only appropriate that this week Mr Connery stars in Ray Sutton's Goldfinger snap this week. Anything Bond is always a perfect pres...

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13th October 2012

Contemporary Art is still booming & Beautiful Staffordshire & an early reminder

I've spent much of my spare time this week absorbed in the comings and goings of Londons big seven days on the Modern and Contemporary art market. I've been to auctions in funky warehouses in Victo...

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29th September 2012

Chaise Longue's for Naked Ladies and Masks

All young women should lie disinterestedly naked on a chaise longue on Tuesdays or at least be remarkably relaxed about their modesty when lolling around in their La Perla. Balthus, Matisse,...

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1st September 2012

Vuitton, Alligators and Books

Volumes  of tenners married to Louis Vuitton purses is always smart, especially if the latter not made by ragged children in underground caves somewhere in the South China Seas. Alternat...

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25th August 2012

Stools, Side Tables and Elephant Chairs

White slavers specialising in nice girls from Chelsea can do worse than acquiring a hearth stool for displaying their wares.  Covered in a carpet whose style is heavily influenced by pat...

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20th August 2012

Lots Road Celebrates a new Beginning

After years of painful planning.....after years of exhausting construction.......and weeks of intense excitement and jubilant marvelling and celebration.....the nation has come together and is, we...

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20th August 2012

It's a lovely day to sell a carpet

I'm trying to get my head around the anomaly of having an amazingly successful carpet sale on one of the hottest day of the year. August is a difficult month to sell anything let alone, though exqu...

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17th August 2012

Horses, Beds and Chinese Chairs

Now all the running,jumping, weeping and dribbling is over in east London, it can all begin again in the west. Now Sundays are for crawling reluctantly from under the Chippendale, inserting t...

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21st July 2012

Website Revarnished

Interestingly enough, Lots Road Auctions have revarnished, restored, refurbished and revived their website after 282 years - so now has a bit more on it and looks prettier but disgracefully no dire...

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13th July 2012

Bronzes, Dresden and Fabulous French Furniture

In a curious sort of manner, you can never have enough half naked American chiefs in your living room, irrespective of whether they smoke cigars. This one is bronze and armed but is still pre...

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7th July 2012

Cannons, Pots, Tables and Weird Things

Travellers, queens and highly aggressive rats who don't like porcelain will be thrilled this week. There are two rather handsome cannons that will play havoc with family china when manned by...

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8th June 2012

Royal Things and Lamps

Due to the Royal Rave and Regatta, there was neither a sale last week nor a landing on Pluto, so this week is one for those still in the mood to dress up as queens and spoil the children. Lit...

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6th June 2012

Lalique, Cocteau and Wheelchairs

Fat people from Ilfracombe who quite frankly cannot be bothered to walk, should hurtle down the hill in an Edwardian formula two wheelchair with go faster upholstery. Alternatively, you can g...

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26th May 2012

Jade, Picasso, African Masks and Burr Elm

An utterly riveting sale for those with a love of the eclectic, animals and masks from the dark continent. Jade junkies will also have a ball this week and those who like fondling dragons on Thursd...

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12th May 2012

Norwegian Spoons, Cars and Chests of Underwear

If the wife's moustache tickled and you felt compelled to strangle her, there is a remarkably handy butchers block this week with which to facilitate disposal. It has rather an pretty cream b...

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21st April 2012

Settles, Coffers, Picassos and Eggs

With yellow fever, the pox and the common cold felling all around, this is short and probably slightly sour unless you are a divine white cat. The latter has an egg chair to salivate over thi...

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14th April 2012

Oval Desks, Coffers, Trunks and Gorillas

If your having an affair with a small gymnast from Moldovia, the ottoman would be perfect and could also hide any friends they might have brought. Those with a taste for larger entertainment...

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31st March 2012

Corbusier, Sun Loungers and Salvador Dali

As we have just had our summer, there are a now disparate selection of items to lie around on and fiddle with your navel as the deluge arrives and two small rats appear in your kitchen. From...

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24th March 2012

Scottish Coffee Makers and American Teapots

A quick sprint around Lots Road this week suggests you need remarkable taste and a plethora of women in your life. Any appropriately corseted mistress will briefly appreciate the rather fine...

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10th March 2012

Gorillas, Leopards and Henry Moore

A frightfully charming gorilla named Oliver could do worse than move into the spare room and read Aesop to the mother-in-law. He is remarkably handsome, reasonably house trained and enjoys taramasa...

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