Managing Director, Roger Ross is a well known local figure, having been a joint founder of The Furniture Cave on the Kings Road in the 1970s. Roger took over the Lots Road site and despite an almost disastrous fire in 1978; trade was continued with one auction a month in the open air, underneath a canopy of umbrellas!

Known as a haven for the smart and young set in its earliest days, Lots Road Auctions has continued to attract the great, good and the odd politician, with a diverse clientele ranging from the Tara Fitzgerald, Sarah Beeny, Diana Rigg, Tamara Beckwith and Lord Brocket’s of this world, to some individuals from a completely different place altogether.

The auction house has excelled in their market as the first of its kind to see the potential of selling both contemporary artefacts as well as antiques and with the introduction to online bidding and live internet bidding, Lots Road Auctions has a vast amount of overseas buyers from all areas of the world.

Thirty-six years on and Lots Road Auctions has achieved what many firms at the time could only dream of, to be recognised as the market leader in its innovative category.

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