9th October 2012

Africa Revival

"You really made a difference this year - thanks to your truly hard work on the evening we were able to reise an amazing £140,000 - from everyone at African Revival we are truly grateful"

8th August 2012

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

"With grateful thanks to everyone..."

1st January 2012

Child Protection UK

"Thank you for your kind support in our campaign."

6th October 2011

The Kensington and Chelsea Foundation

"Your sponsorship and advertisment were very much appreciated - and much commented on by several guests. Thank you again!"

4th October 2011

African Revival

"...you were such a true professional and I can't thank you enough."

8th September 2011

East Anglia's Children's Hospice

"You will have recieved a standard reciept of letter by now, but I wanted to write and thank you personally.."

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